CompuOffice Online Tax Solution for professionals to provide end-end management of every stage of the tax life cycle - from provision to estimates and extensions. returns, audit, amendment and planning.

A solution for

  • Income Tax Return
  • TDS return
  • Service tax return
  • Balance sheet & audit report
  • VAT returns (Raj./UP/MP)
  • Checking of assessment orders
  • ROC form and filling
  • CMA
  • AIR return
  • Document Management
  • Challan
  • All other required forms
  • Standard letters to clients
  • Standard formats of departmental letters
  • Office assistance works & mechanism.
  • Various types of reporting.


  • Single switch board for all software
  • Common client information for all software
  • Searching of records by Code No., Name PAN, etc.
  • Online auto-update of software
  • Defining user rights with grouping facility.
  • Password protection for individual clients
  • Active/De-active of individual party from particular/all software
  • Single window/screen to input, edit, view and print.
  • Front-view buttons for easy understanding.
  • User friendly similar layout of all software.
  • LAN compatible
  • Various data input validation checks to eliminate errors.
  • Easy auto backup of your precious data.
  • Option to access from any where in the world.

CompuTax Tax Solutions Software

Auto activities from software

  • Online filing of e-return.
  • Registration of DSC.
  • Auto downloads of ITR V.
  • Auto pick intimations & other communications etc received on your email Id (sent by ITD) and their management.
  • Auto Fill 'ITR-V Receipt date' by CPC.
  • View & Import Data from 26AS.
  • Upload Rectification of ITR.
  • User Registration & update profile contact.
  • AIR return


  • Computation of Income & Tax thereon, taking care of various ceiling, deductions, set-off & carry forward of losses.
  • Import data from xml file.
  • Wealth Tax Return preparation & their e-filing.
  • Transfer of Allowable Remuneration & other details of partner in Firm to the Partner's individual ITR.
  • Advance Tax Estimation.
  • Import of Balance Sheet, P&L, computation from CompuBal software.
  • Automatic transfer of master data and particulars to next assessment year(s).
  • Display of current & previous year figures of Income and Tax thereon on screen.
  • Special rate income under various sections of IT Act.
  • Direct navigation from one screen to other screen.
  • Relief u/s 89(1) & form 10E.
  • Ready reckoner, Capital Gain Index, Gold & Silver rate, Tax rates.
  • Facility of filing return through ERI.
  • Facility of creating User define password for all clients.
  • Facility of generating bulk password.
  • E-return error Locator with facility of correction on same screen.

CompuTds e-Tds Solution

Auto facilities of software :

  • Default report (deficiency report of TRACES).
  • Registration at TRACES.
  • Consolidate FVU request.
  • Import Challan status from OLTAS.
  • Request for form 16A/16 bulk file.
  • PAN & TAN verification of deductor/deductee.
  • Picking of Token number.
  • Picking of CSI file.
  • Bulk PAN Verification at Traces site.
  • Non Filling Declaration at Traces site.
  • Facility to prepare e-TDS / e-TCS return / correction statement.


  • Alerts for Duplicate PAN, Duplicate Name or Blank Name and Change invalid PAN at a glance.
  • Merge Employee (on the basis of Employee Name or Duplicate PAN).
  • Repeat entry option (Next month same entries can be copied) with version option.
  • E-payment of challans.
  • Imports of data from Excel/Tally/Bank/e-Return Txt File.
  • Prepare Tds certificate in word/Pdf format including digitally signed with facility of e-mail.
  • Calculation of amount of 'Tax to be deducted' from salary on monthly basis.
  • Export employee to CompuTax.
  • Preparation of TAN Application (49B) and TAN modification.
  • Move or Transfer of 'Challans and Entries' from one quarter to another quarter.
  • Preparation of Form 15I and 15J.
  • Preparation of Form 26QB & Form 16B Generations.
  • Pre scrutiny of E-TDS return
  • Auto Rectify of Justification (Default)
  • Direct upload of E-Tds return at NSDL website.

CompuServeService Tax Software

Auto facilities of software :

  • Facility of Import Permanent Information, directly from department's (ACES) site.
  • Direct e-filing of ST-3.
  • Facility to check status and view ST-3 e-return filed, direct login & request to unblock a/c at ACES.
  • Maintain separate records on the basis of service, rate & abatement.
  • Auto fills up of abatement & notification details on the basis of service.
  • Auto calculation of tax, interest, abatement and balances on the basis of service.
  • Automation of Challan and paid taxes entry process.
  • Availability of Ready Reckoner with most useful ready knowledge like Details of Effective Services, Interest rates, Act, Rules.
  • E-return error locator.
  • Auto filling of return filling entry in Office Assistance.

CompuBalBalance sheet & Audit Report software


  • Preparation of Financial Statement sin Horizontal, Vertical and Schedule III of Companies Act 2003 (Revised Schedule VI in Companies Act 1956) :
    • Facility to import data from Tally
    • Customized format of Balance Sheet, P&L, Trading, Capital A/c, Schedules etc.
    • Facility to prepare fixed assets chart as per Income Tax Act & As per Companies Act.
    • Facility to create multiple branches & consolidation thereof
    • Automatic generation of notes as per Schedule III.
    • Various notes & formats as per Schedule III of Companies Act 2003. Additional notes, templates as per Schedule III of Companies Act 2003
    • Various other features for user's convenience such as :Facility to prepare customized schedules, add quantity column in Trading A/c, Preparation of more than one trading a/c, preparation of income and expenditure a/c, columnar Trading a/c, option to display previous year figures, manual page break, printing order of report.
    • Facility to transfer figures into the computation & Income Tax Return form.

Preparation of offline forms like 3CD, 3CEB, 6B, 29B and 10BB

  • Import TDS information directly from CompuTds.
  • XML import facility.
  • Error Locater for errors while generating xml file.
  • Facility to Register CA and track the status of register CA at income tax site.
  • Add CA in assesses account.
  • Validations as per IT department for error free filing.
  • Auto sign attachment through DSC Token.
  • Auto conversion of financial statement in PDF.
  • Status of Uploaded and approved forms.
  • Automatic calculation of ratios in form 3CD.
  • Suggested answers while preparing 3CD.
  • Transfer figures from 3CD depreciation chart to fixed assets chart & depreciation chart in CompuTax.

CompuVat VAT Software (for Rajasthan, MP, UP)

Auto facilities of software :

  • VAT registration & applications forms.
  • Online filing of VAT returns (Monthly/Quarterly /Yearly) on a single click.
  • User registration on Commercial Tax Department Web portal through software.
  • VAT supplementary annexure.
  • Transfer data from monthly/ quarterly returns to annual return forms & Audit Report forms.
  • VAT Challan forms and direct e-payment.
  • VAT annual consolidated report/Summery report.
  • Import of data from tally (All versions).
  • Import of data from excel.
  • Display of vat computation (month wise/quarter wise).
  • Returns related to Entry tax, Luxury tax, Professional tax with online filing facility.
  • Online filing of VAT registration & applications forms directly from software.
  • Online filing of Audit Reports on a single click without visiting website (MPVAT).
  • Import data of filed quarterly returns from government web site. (RVAT).
  • Preparation of challans through e-GRAS (RVAT).
  • Facility to import details of uploaded challans from e-GRAS (RVAT).
  • Facility to verify Dealer's TIN and Challan No. (CIN) before e-filing of return.
  • Facility to check multiple dealers name with same TIN number and rectify them before e-file (RVAT).
  • Facility of filing request and download Declaration Forms online.
  • Facility of generating Assessment Scheme Forms (Form A,B,C ) (MP VAT)

CompuRoc e-Solution to MCA

Auto activities from software (without visiting MCA site) :

  • Single click Login to MCA site.
  • DSC registration without login to MCA portal.
  • Import company master information from MCA Portal through CIN.
  • Import director information & other directorship from MCA portal through DIN.
  • Downloading of acknowledgment of filed form through SRN.


  • Preparation of PDF forms.
  • Facility to convert word/text file in PDF.
  • Preparation of statutory Registers, MOA & AOA.
  • Preparation of Resolutions, Notices , Meeting & Minutes, Compliance Certificate, Annual Return.

CompuPay A Payroll Assistant

Module -1

  • Payroll, Salary Processing and Statutory Compliance
    • User specific multi set up for Salary Packages, salary heads, leaves, holidays etc.
    • Import facility of database to software using Excel for Employee Master, Packages, and Attendance etc.
    • Multiple ways to input the attendance data i.e. Daily Basis, Lump sum Basis, Excel Import etc.
    • Option to add variable income or deductions in easy manner for Canteen, Vehicle Charges etc.
    • Special features to set up for Loans, Arrears, Increments, Over Time and Bonus etc.
    • Ample details about the employees to maintain a proper database.
    • Auto updating Leave Register from Attendance details.
    • Complete range of reports as per your need by selecting various fields for Pay Slip, Salary Register, and Attendance Register etc.
    • Facility to import PF and ESI values to generate Challans and Statutory returns on a single click.
    • Full and Final settlement on a single click.
    • Reports for salary transferred to bank.

Module -2

  • Integrate your Software with Time Machine or Attendance Machine to get the attendance directly into the software and generate various reports on its basis e.g. Late coming report, Early going report , Mismatch report etc.

Module -3

  • Employee Self Service
    • Automated Attendance System using a computer.
    • Most modern and latest way to facilitate your employees by giving personalized login id and password to interact with HR/Admin with full security controls and user management.
    • Facility to be able to request for all the services online (Like Leave Request, Regularization of field work in the system, Request for loan, Visiting Card request, Resignation, PC repair, Declaration on Investment for TDS etc.)
    • Claim and reimbursement management (Medical Bills, LTA, Office Tours etc.)
    • Access to his/her personal Salary credentials, Pay Slip, Leave records, Form 16, ITR etc.

Special Features

  • No cap on employees as well as companies.
  • In-built TDS software within Payroll Software at no extra cost.
  • File e-return for TDS, PF and ESI.
  • Multi location integration capability.
  • Fully integrated as per standard statutory compliances.
  • Standard format for Challans.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Best technical and customer support.
  • Unbeatable industry price.
  • Single Point contact for all your problems and support.

CompuXBRL Make XBRL filing easy


  • Different type of inputs like numeric, text, date, text block, etc has been separated by colour for error free feeding.
  • Parent child exempted inputs has been separately indicated.
  • Hide inapplicable sheet according to:
  • Consolidated/ Standalone balance sheet.
  • Main/ Alternate Profit and Loss a/c.
  • Copy paste facility from Word, Excel in text block with formatting.
  • Facility to auto fills Company & Director's detail from MCA site on the basis of CIN.
  • Auto Generation of compulsory tags, where there is no value.
  • Auto List of standard items for inputs.

CompuCma Financial Solution


  • Auto preparation of CMA data in operating statement on the basis of % increase in sales.
  • Automatic preparation of comparative statement, MPBF statement & fund flow.
  • Auto calculation of closing stock on the basis of turnover period.
  • FM tools for calculation of EMI, Comparative EMI, Loan calculator, IRR Calculation, NPV, Interest rate calculation.
  • Facility of broken period.
  • Facility to compare figure in % with that of previous year.

CompuChk Check of IT assessment orders


  • Checking of calculation of order u/s 143(1), 143(3), 147, 153A, 154, Appeal effects.
  • Checking of calculation of interest u/s 234/B/C/D, 220(2), 244A.
  • Facility to Import order detail from CompuTax or previous orders.
  • Printing of reports with advance useful options.

CompuWeb Online Solutions


  • Allows you to access all of CompuOffice software(s) from anywhere in the world.
  • Allow access to office staff according to the right assigned to them.
  • Clients can be given limited access to view computation and relevant reports.
  • Option to restrict office staff to access software(s) from outside office premises.
  • Audit staff can access software from client premises and prepare computation or balance sheet online.

CompuDms Document Management System


  • Easy Capturing of documents with Multiple file Attachment facility through:
    • Scanning,
    • Browse/upload files of any type from your local or LAN connected PCs.
    • Facilities to create new documents by using inbuilt excel & word files.
    • Import from e-mail.
    • Instant Search/access of document on the basis of one or more keyword.
    • Multi level authenticated Sharing of documents with office staff and clients in secure and permitted range on the basis of permissions & Document Security levels.
  • Approval facility for:
    • Control / Restriction on storage of unauthenticated documents.
    • Final editing or completion of information related to captured document before storage in Main data base.
  • Check in/check out facility provides protection against multiple modifications in a particular document at the same time in multi-user environment.
  • Maintain physical location, Document Creator, Owner, Holder, status related to document, etc.
  • Bulletin line for fast communication of News, Alerts, Reminders, Updates, Notice etc.
  • Facility of Input Templates:- to create/set various ready templates with required input fields for routine documents.

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CompuWatch is a new creation of the CompuTax Group. It enables management to keep an eye on the employee’s computer, create a log of employee’s actions, review them and generate reports on employee’s activity.


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